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World Class Bamboo

African Bamboo’s bio-composite panels are comprised of Ethiopian highland bamboo, which has material characteristics proven ideal for bamboo products. We rigorously and continuously test each characteristic against EN-15534 decking profile standards.


Our technology results in products with a characteristic bamboo grain, similar to that of hardwood, and engineered for outdoor use with superior durability and dimensional stability.

Surface Structure

African Bamboo’s products are offered in five different surface structures

  • Finely-rippled
  • Hand-scraped
  • Structured
  • Diamond
  • Smooth
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Our Tropical Bamboo outdoor decking products are made in three different profiling styles; Rippled-flat edge, Rippled to edge, and Rippled-flat edge and center.

  • Rippled-flat edge
  • Rippled to edge
  • Rippled-flat center
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Color Variations

Our decking products come in a variety of colours to give customers a range of choices to choose from. The colours include Pine, Larch, Teak, Bangakirai and Silver Grey.

  • Pine
  • Larch
  • Teak
  • Bangakirai
  • Silver Grey
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Global Sample Programme

See the quality of our bamboo for yourself wherever you are.
Request your high-performance, natural fiber composite decking samples today.

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