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Our story started from a seed

African Bamboo brings innovative and sustainable high-quality bamboo materials to the world, that inspire design, ensure health and respect the environment.

About Us

African Bamboo is a Tropical Bamboo engineering company based in Ethiopia and the Netherlands. Our vertically-integrated forestry, manufacturing, distribution, and research and development operations have pioneered a business model that diligently applies design thinking and maintains environmental and social consciousness. We are the premier African enterprise to produce world class, sustainable, and socially responsible Tropical Bamboo products.


With the largest untapped tropical bamboo forests in Africa: 1.5 million ha confirmed (2-3 million ha estimated), our forestry division currently manages a total catchment area of 33,000 ha. Alternative supply from over 6000 small-holder farmers integrated in our supply chain. Our precise planning and monitoring ensures timely delivery of raw-materials of the highest grades. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) compliant forestry management plan provides the basis for long-term sustainability of African Bamboo’s forestry operations.


We have distinguished ourselves by establishing long-term partnerships with advanced R&D institutes in the natural fiber industry such as Fraunhofer, TU Dresden, and IHD, enabling us to develop a superior product and production process. For our machinery sourcing, we partner world leading wood based machinery manufacturers across Europe and Asia - Raute Corporation (Finland), BIGonDRY (Italy), and Dieffenbacher (Germany/China) to ensure the best optimum output. Together we aim to bring positive socio-economic and environmental impact in our society.


The luxury of our products is enjoyed by homeowners all around the world. African Bamboo's flagship projects integrate our bamboo expertise and involve our beautifully designed and bespoke solutions. Our bamboo products will be present at the new VIP lounge and Tilla at Bole International Airport, the hub of global Ethiopian airlines with the highest footprint in Africa, and the new national football stadium scheduled to host the African CHAN 2020.