Director, Corporate Development

Position Summary

Job Title: Director, Corporate Development
Reports to: General Manager
Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Employment Type: Full time
Duration:  24 months Jan. 2018 – Jan. 2020


African Bamboo is currently looking for a motivated and enthusiastic entrepreneur, operator, and investor with a problem solver mindset. The candidate shall be a proven problem solver with a “glass half full” attitude recognized for leadership, creativity, critical thinking, and poise under pressure. The candidate shall aim for the best outcomes in order to create value for shareholders, employees and the community.

The candidate shall lead the commercializing of African Bamboo from an innovative start-up into an operational entity by securing venture financing, by building the top level organization, and by creating linkage with the market to catalyze revenue and induce a fast-paced growth within first 2 years of operations.

The candidate shall have the following working experiences and specialties: Corporate Finance, Investment Due Diligence, Investment Legalization, Strategic Investment Marketing, Venture Capital, Commercializing Innovation, Alliance Development, Business Development, Product Development, Online Marketing and Customer Acquisition, Brand Building and Product Pricing.


As a senior director, you are instrumental and focal person in securing equity and debt financing, and commercialization the three Business Units of African Bamboo: Supply Chain, Distribution, and Production, and entering advanced markets of Europe and United States. You will be coordinating the internal team, synthesizing the work of the three business units and working with investors and external advisors. You will be responsible for the revision of investment materials, leading the completion of due diligence process, closing the transactions, coordinating the legal teams, establishing the board of directors together with internal controls and relevant high level working streams, staffing key senior management positions, designing and supporting periodical executive reporting, launching the commercial pilot production, and programming the commercial upscaling of the business as well as supporting the management team with the day-to-day communications and hands-on monitoring activities.

1. Equity and Debt Raising Closure Work Streams

1.1 Investment Materials – Updating of IM, Model, Deck, and Teaser
1.2 Data Room 1 – Completion of Due Diligence Work Streams (Equity + Debt + Tax)
1.3 Data Room 2 – Revise and ensure completeness of all necessary documentation
1.4 Valuation – Revise, develop, and establish reference valuation and exit terms
1.5 Investment Outreach – short-listing, marketing, calls, meetings & road show
1.6 Investor Questions and Answers – coordination and advance readiness
1.7 Term Sheet (TS) Stage 1 – critical path definition & modelling impact,
1.8 Term Sheet (TS) Stage 2 – management presentations & negotiating positions,
1.9 Due Diligence 1 – index, access, timing, integrity and assurance.
1.10 Due Diligence 2 – operations, business, financial, audit, tax and legal.
1.11 Legal and contract 1 – shareholders’ agreement, board charter, & key contracts
1.12 Legal and contract 2 – various legal instruments, registrations, & licenses

2. Accelerated Commercialization
2.1 Establish Goals: objectives, results, impact, and outcome
2.2 Establish Targets: market, revenue, budget, ratio’s, and deliverables,
2.3 Establish Operational Manual 1: Supply Chain, Distribution, and Production
2.4 Establish Operational Manual 2: HR, Financial, Procurement, and Assets.
2.5 Deep Dive Workshop – into BU’s: Supply Chain, Distribution, and Production
2.6 Set Logical Framework – Result vs. Budget for Pilot to Full Production
2.7 Set Build and Operations – Timeline for Pilot to Full Production
2.8 Establish Budget Tracker – Capital & Operational Budget (Projected vs. Actual)
2.9 Establish Training Program (A): Finance, Administration, and Human Resources
2.10 Establish Training Program (B): Supply Chain, Distribution, and Production

To Apply:

Interested candidates who meet the above requirements are invited to submit their CV and cover letter via email: You can also email us for questions and information regarding the duties in this role, or contact us via Tel: +251 11 320 2647.