African Bamboo is a premium Tropical Bamboo products manufacturer. Registered in Ethiopia and the Netherlands since 2012, the company is founded on a wholly sustainable business model. We manage an integrated supply chain developed on a socially inclusive forestry management plan in cooperation with local communities primarily using natural forests. Our manufacturing facility operates off-grid with zero residual waste. Our flagship product is also highly engineered, in cooperation with a leading German wood technology institute. We’ve optimized material consumption to produce an 82.5% natural bamboo fiber composite panel using Ethiopian highland bamboo. Its exceptional characteristics make our products extremely durable, steel-strong and unique. All processes have been designed to meet the most stringent efficiency, safety and environmental standards.

After several years of building the pillars of the business, we’re ready to launch! We are looking for like-minded pioneers to support us in accelerating our commercialization efforts. View our openings below and check back for updates.


Director, Human Resources

Director, Corporate Development

Internships at African Bamboo

As an intern at African Bamboo you won’t be getting anyone coffee (unless you are getting yourself one). Our internships are professional roles which will stimulate your career. You will be an integral team member contributing to department targets and milestones. We believe in growing our own talent, thus you will have an opportunity to extend your position and for full-time employment after your internship. If your internship is part of your studies let us know in your application, we’ll work with you to ensure your learning components are met.

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Distribution Coordinator Internship

Marketing & Sales Coordinator Internship

Product Documentation Officer Internship

Assistant Product Manager Internship